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Select from one of the following programs:

The Essence of Effective Managerial Leadership™
Providing the understanding and skills to produce sustained desired results from focused and committed team members.™

The Essence of Responsible Self-reliant Leadership™
How to pro-actively grow forward with balance and purpose.™

The Essence of Professional Sales Leadership™
Providing the understanding and skills to proactively generate sustained sales through win-win partnership.™

The Essence of Personal Effectiveness™
Optimizing the utilization of vital resources to maximize balaced results.™

The Essence of Sustained Organizational Renewal™
Providing the means and inspiration to grow toward excellence.™

The Essence of Effective Teamwork™
Removing barriers and creating measurable commitment for optimal teamwork.™

The Essence of Effective Project Management Leadership™
Addressing the leadership traits necessary to make the project management effective.™

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