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Executive Coaching Services

These sessions are focused, tailored sessions wherein we work with the individual or the executive team to help master a certain skills set or to enhance personal or professinal success in general. Some typical applications are:

  • Developing your effectiveness as a pro-active, responsible leader - professionally, family, and/or personal - achieve your goals with the willing help from others;
  • Developing strategies to take advantage of opportunities - business or personal;
  • Conflict resolution-harmonizing your relationships;
  • Achieving organizational effectiveness;
  • Optimize market penetration;
  • Designing and delivering effective presentations;
  • Developing greater teamwork;
  • Resolving crisses (non-psychological);
  • Identifying and utilizing your natural talents;
  • Career management;
  • Re-ignite a plateaued career;
  • Live a more puposeful life;
  • Maintain an optimally balanced life;
  • Deveop and maintain a spiritual practice.

In the Olympics, the difference between winning the gold metal and just being there is not talent; it is the effective, spirted use of talent. So it is in life too. Everyone has dreams and natural talents. Our role as an executive coach is to bring out your talents so you may reach your dreams and do so in harmony with your spirituality and uniqueness.

The questions are these:

Are you winning the gold metal of life:
Are you doing so with:
Honest pride?
Real joy?
Genuine excitement?
In a balanced fashion?

The saddest words of tongue or pen, are these, "It might have been." - Longfellow

Don't live a "might have been" life. Live your dream life!


Whoever said, "It's lonely at the top, knew what he or she was talking about~" Bob's advice and guidance helped me move from a vice president to president and obtain a very lucrative compensation package. Since becoming president, Bob's services have helped me through some trying situations, which as CEO, I would not appropriately discuss with anyone in the organization nor even a supportive spouse. Bob's broad background and extensive experience make him a terrific sounding board for a CEO.

M.H., President ~ Medical Service Organization


I was in a high pressure, dead-end job getting rave reviews, but the repeated promises of more authority and assured job security never were kept. The situation was beginning to impact my health adn my family life. Bob King's coaching helped me find the courage, motivation, strategy, and tactics to relocate to a new organization as divisional vice president with the possibility of becoming president; plus a very nice compensation package, including an equity position with a very favorable employment contract. The new job is exciting, liberating, family supportive, and financially rewarding. Bob is great at helping create a strategy to optimize opportunity.

P.B., Managing Partner ~ Professional Service Organization


Working with Bob King is very valuable to my business and to myself. As a business owner and president of a 15 million dollar company, the success of my business feeds my personal fulfillment.

It's sometimes hard to feel and see the return-on-investment (ROI) on many training programs, but that is not the case working with Bob as an executive coach. Drawing from Bob's expertise in many areas (strategy, sales, marketing, management, psychology) has enabled me to make smart decisions and changes that, in the past year alone, have saved us at least $100,00.00 or $200,000.00. That's a great ROI! Bob also helped us become of the owner of out two buildings!

Hindsight is 20/20, and its lessons are extremely expensive. Working with Bob allows me to see opportunities and to spot potential problems and avoid costly mistakes before it is too late. Working with Bob has been one of the smartest decisions I have made in business and my personal life.

E.G., President ~ Manufacturing/Distribution Organization


As the owner of my own company, I have used Bob King's executive coaching services for over fifteen years. Professionally, his services have always been results producing and financially rewarding. But, it was during a personal crisis that I found Bob's services most personally rewarding. Bob's advice and guidance were invaluable in helping me master the personal crsis. He was always there when I needed him. He comforted me when it was necessary, but more importantly, he helped me grow through the experience and ahve a successful outcome.

O.D., President ~ Professional Services Organization


When I first met Bob, I was a mediocre salesperson wondering if I had selected the wrong career. Today, I am repeatedly the top national salesperson in my company. I am recognized in my industry as one of the top professional salespeople within the industry. As Bob keeps telling me, "you did it yourself." But, I honestly believe that I would never have been as successful as I am today, if it wasn't for Bob King's guidance and advice. Bob also helped me start a plan for financial independence. The only regrets I have in using Bob's services is the advice he gave me that I did not act upon which has honestly cost me thousands!

C.H., Account Executive ~ Corporate Service Organization


I have been using Bob King's executive coaching services for years, due to one fact: His advice and guidance have always been straight forward and right-on-target. I started using Bob's services when I was going through the painful demise of a company I had started. (I wish I had come to Bob much sooner!) With Bob's help and guidance, I started a new company and it is succeeding beautifully - it is profitable and we are financing growth out of profits. One phone strategy session with Bob alone saved me $30,000.00. I use and recommend Bob King's executive coaching services because his advice is stright forward, and over the years his advice and guidance have proven one hundred percent correct.

F.R., President ~ High Tech Company in Oregon


On a very short notice, I was informed I, instead of the president, would be making the annual presentation to our largest trade troup's annual meeting. The professional presentation coaching I recieved from Bob King was invaluable. Bob was able to help me focus on relating to the audience throughtout my entire speech versus just communicating information. More importantly, he helped build my confidence, which contributed to the success of my presentation. The proof of that came in an unsolicited letter from the trade group, which stated, "... You were a key speaker that night, and consitituted one-half of the program. Your talk was highly informative, very well done and well received. ..." A copy of the letter was sent to the president - which doesn't hurt my career path at all!

T.K., Vice President ~ Financial Organization

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