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This is an in-house, customized program, which goes beyond the normal "raw-raw, touchy-feely" exercises of "team building." In this program:

  • In a positive, enjoyable manner, the critical factors needed to be addressed to obtain optimal, effective teamwork are identified;
  • The team and each team member then comes up with a personalized plan of action to optimize the teamwork of the team or organization;
  • A system is then developed for the team to hold eachother accountable for their intended results.

Some of the topics covered in a typical program are:

  • Establishing a solid foundation for teamwork;
  • The three requirments for being an effective team member;
  • the boundary between "me" and the team;
  • Identifying your team or organization's unique barriers to effective teamwork;
  • Two ways to organize a team and their outcome;
  • The requirements for effective teamwork;
  • Making an honest assessment;
  • Developing a realistic, practical plan for more effective teamwork;
  • My personalized planof action.
  • How to make the plan become reality!

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