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This is an in-house, customized workship which provides the attitues and methods required to keep your team members and the organization constantly evolving in a positive pro-active manner to be even more customer focused and results oriented. Some of the topics covered in a typical workshop are:

  • How to find the hidden strengths in a team and an organization;
  • Building on strengths: The only way for solid growth;
  • Atitudes toward change;
  • Two ways to grow a team or an organization and their consequence;
  • The three elements required for sustained success;
  • The dynamics of the new, more competitive marketplace;
  • Why, to today's customers, each team member is the whole organization;
  • Barriers to continuous growth;
  • A positive way to identify the "wings" and "anchors" on the team;
  • Reaching critical mass for sustained growth in your team or organization;
  • Facing defining moments;
  • Establishing the unique "model" for your team or organization;

Each member of the workshop is coached to develop his/her personal action plan for becoming even more customer focused and sustaining continuous growth.

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