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This one-day program is for anyone who is having a challenge getting all of his/her urgent and important prioritiesaccomplished; be these priorities in the professional, family, or personal area, or balancing all these areas. This program:

  • Helps the participants to become more results oriented and less activity oriented;
  • Allows the participant to achieve a better balance in all his/her job goals;
  • Provides the first truly new method of managing time in the last 65 years - it goes beyond the "urgent and important" method;
  • Provides a unique system for effectively allocating limited resources;
  • Allows the participant to become more self-controlled vs. being outwardly controlled;
  • Provides the skills of setting effective priorities;
  • Develops the methods and skills to stay organized during chaotic times;
  • How to keep your life effectively in balance.

Each participant is coached to tailor the system to his/her individual needs.

This program works with any existing "time management" system: "Day-Timer®." "Covey/Franklin," "Outlook®," "Day Runner®", ect

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